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The aim of this Policy is to minimize the risks to the Health and Safety of participants attending the event. This also includes the Health and Safety of its volunteers during the event.


The event organiser/controller will work together with the check in venue management and will be assisted at the venue (Kinsale Community School) and (Kinsale Rugby Club) throughout the walks by volunteers, An Garda Siochana, Civil Defence and first aid personnel. Richard Ennos and the event committee will be in overall control unless a serious emergency occurs, at which time he will hand over responsibility to the Garda Siochana Officer present at the event. In such event they shall take control over the entire operation until or unless the circumstances of the emergency dictate otherwise e.g. a major fire would be taken in charge by the Senior Fire Officer.

The event organiser/controller will co-ordinate crowd control measures in association with An Garda Siochana.

The event organiser/controller will provide suitable stewards, together with all other necessary personnel, on duties both in and around the venue. High Viz jackets will be worn.



The Kinsale Lions Club Walking Festival event is charity walking festival, designed to support, promote, publicize and raise awareness of the work of charities supported by Kinsale Lions Club as follows:

  • School Bursary
  • Men’s Shed
  • Community Hospital
  • Community Defibrillators
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Youth Counselling
  • CUH Children's Club
  • Meals on Wheels
  • SVP
  • Saile Community Centre
  • Marymount Hospice


Terms and Conditions apply to all registered participants.

The walk is to take place on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of September 2019. Participants are required to check in irrespective of whether they are pre-registered online and to check out with their group leader when they have finished their walk. All walkers must comply with the reasonable requests of the walk leaders. Walkers who leave the walking group will be responsible for their own safety.

Route information can be viewed here.

Walking boots/shoes are required. We also suggest that you bring rain gear just in case.


In the planning process of the safety management of the Kinsale Lions Walking Festival, full recognition has been accorded to the recommendations contained in the following Codes of Practice , Acts of the Oireachtas and Statutory Regulations, where these are considered relevant and practicable for this event, along with Garda Siochana recommendations:

  1. Code of Practice for Safety at Outdoor Pop Concerts and other outdoor musical events as issued by the Department of Education, 1996.
  2. Code of Practice for Management of Fire Safety in Places of Assembly as issued by Department of Environment, 1991.
  3. Fire Services Act, 1981.
  4. Fire Services (Amendment) Act, 2003.
  5. Fire Safety in Places of Assembly (Ease of Escape) Regulations, 1985.

Codes of Practice and includes the following fundamental components:

  1. Route Capacity (Participants)
  2. Walking Group leaders
  3. Emergency Plan
  4. Facilities

The organiser of this event is Kinsale Lions & District Lions with the operational personnel being supervised by Richard Ennos and Lions Club Volunteers.


Competent personnel will undertake key management and safety responsibilities. The safety management of the event operations will be under the direction of:

Position Organisation Name Contact No.
Event Controller Kinsale & District Lions Club Richard Ennos 087-2887715
Group Leader Management / Road Safety Kinsale & District Lions Club Con Cadogan
Route Planners & Research Kinsale & District Lions Club Jim Robinson/Richard Laws 083-3117151/087-2364406
Event Safety Officer Kinsale & District Lions Club Hal McElroy 086-2621181
Emergency Response Kinsale & District Lions Club Gerry O’Dwyer 087-9918344

The event organiser/controller will ensure that all operational Group Leaders and Marshal /volunteers are briefed on procedures in the event of an emergency, and that appropriate training is provided.

The Group Leaders will be briefed at the designated location prior to the walk by Superintendent Con Cadogen.

Group leaders will be conducted over the walking routes prior to the festival.

Furthermore they will ensure that a briefing occurs with group leaders and marshals with Gardai prior to the event. Stewards and/or volunteers are reminded of their contribution to the event and the necessity to always act in a safe, secure and responsible manner.



The responsibilities of event controller include:

  1. Having overall responsibility for the management of the event;
  2. Being involved in the planning meetings with the relevant authorities, i.e. Local Authority, Garda Siochana, Health Service Executive, etc.
  3. Ensuring the provision of adequate stewarding for the event;
  4. Remaining in constant contact at the area before, during and after the event; and
  5. Contributing to a post event meeting on the event.


During the course of the event the event safety officer will;

  1. Ensure that the safety details and conditions agreed for the holding of the event are implemented, and the site layout and safety arrangements are in accordance with specifications and agreements, insofar as they impinge on safety matters;
  2. Be present during the event to ensure that the safety details and conditions agreed for the holding of the event are applied and adhered to;
  3. Respond to and manage any incident/accident regarding safety matters;
  4. Evaluate the efficiency of the safety arrangements; and
  5. Contribute to a post event meeting on the event.


The responsibilities of the designated head of group leaders are:

  1. To maintain a secure and safe environment during the route of the walk and at Kinsale Community School.
  2. To be conversant with safety procedures and Codes of Practice, ensuring that any breach of these regulations are brought to a safe conclusion;
  3. To prepare and deliver a structured briefing to group leader personnel;
  4. To ensure that all group leaders and/or volunteers are present throughout each walk.
  5. To monitor all incidents and respond accordingly if and when required as this will be part of the Checklist provided to group leaders in case of accident. Head of Group Leaders will ensure each leader has a first aid kit.
  6. In the event of a serious accident/incident involving members of the public inform the event controller and take action to resolve the problem; and
  7. To undertake any other relevant duties as applicable to their role within the event.
  8. To account for all walkers safely returning from their walk
  9. To ensure that all walk leaders are familiar with the route to be walked.

An initial risk assessment of each walk has been undertaken and agreement was reached regarding the route.

A map of the routes will be given to the head leaders and committee responsible for safety of walkers along each route. See Maps at here

Due to the landscape and environment it is essential that participants wear suitable and supportive footwear. An adequate number of group leaders and road marshals, a water stop and emergency services provided by Civil Defence and Red Cross will be available throughout the festival.

The Kinsale & District Lions Club have organized the overall event and will control the operation of the event on the day. The Committee is providing walk group leaders and road marshals to ensure the safe running of the event and will closely monitor the area to ensure there are no issues with crowd control or capacity.

The walk routes will be given to all Event Management Team, Group Walk Leaders, and Gardaí. All emergency numbers are documented which is attached to the route plan and will be given to all Event Management Team, Group Walk leaders, Civil Defence, Red Cross and Gardaí.

Gardai 4772302 Emergency 999/112
Fire Station 999/112
Ambulance 999/112
Incident Control Point 087 2887715
Richard Ennos

Approved By:

Signed: Richard Ennos 087 2887715

On behalf of Kinsale Lions Club

Date: 1.9.2019